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How Assisted Living Keeps Your Loved Ones Safe

Everyone ages differently and will have a specific set of physical and emotional needs. For many, mobility issues make it difficult to do things like pick up groceries and attend medical appointments, or they may have trouble with cooking and cleaning or basic tasks like bathing and taking medications. Even if a senior is physically healthy, memory issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s can create another set of challenges. According to Harvard Health Publishing, patients with Alzheimer’s may need help with more and more tasks as the disease progresses, including dressing, grooming, toileting, and meals.

Whether your aging loved one needs a little bit of help to live with dignity or they’re struggling with everyday tasks due to memory loss, assisted living may be the answer. Take a look below at some of the main reasons people turn to our assisted living community and memory care community for the support they need to keep their loved ones safe.

A Stable Environment

Assisted living provides a stable environment where your loved one can relax in familiar surroundings with a soothing routine. Routines are essential when it comes to Alzheimer’s care and dementia care in general, and Windrose at Woburn provides the memory care services needed to keep seniors with these conditions at peace. Furthermore, assisted living facilities are designed to allow seniors to be as mobile as possible while remaining safe, with single-floor living and wide doorways. Features like handrails and accessible bathrooms help seniors avoid dangerous falls while allowing them to maintain as much independence as possible.

Compassionate, Professional Care

Our memory care assisted living community provides 24/7 care. Compassionate and experienced, our staff members can respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice. Plus, our ThriveCare® lifestyle and therapy program provides wellness care based on the latest research in memory care for patients with Alzheimer’s. 

Internal & External Security 

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our residents. We utilize internal and external safety protocols including a secure building access system, video surveillance, patient monitoring, and more.

Windrose at Woburn is dedicated to providing a memory care assisted living community where residents and their families feel safe. Learn more about our commitment to safety and our advanced memory care services by contacting us today. We are located in Woburn and would be happy to give you more details about what sets our memory care assisted living community apart.

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