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ThriveCare’s® Basic Tenets

At Windrose, ThriveCare® is both our lifestyle and our therapy program. This unique holistic program of nurturing care is offered to every resident. Windrose is exclusively for seniors with memory loss, therefore, we regularly train our entire staff in techniques specific to Alzheimer’s and related disorders. This unique approach is how we incorporate the latest in advanced research and personalize it to each resident’s interests and needs every day.


In our commitment to serving seniors who are experiencing a decline in their information processing abilities, we recognize that the way we communicate is paramount. While the content of our messages holds significance in regular communication, it is in the case of these individuals that the manner in which we convey information takes precedence. At Windrose, we place great emphasis on our comprehensive and distinctive communications training, which has a profound impact on both our residents and staff, fostering deep meaning and understanding in our interactions.


We understand the importance of consistency in providing a sense of security and well-being for our residents. Our daily routines are thoughtfully crafted to meet their needs and preferences. Mornings begin with gentle and comforting waking routines, followed by a nourishing breakfast to start the day off right. As the day progresses, residents engage in a variety of activities designed to build confidence and stimulate the mind and body. Our personalized approach ensures that each resident’s unique interests and abilities are taken into account. A beloved afternoon favorite is our exclusive Kitchen Memories® cooking program, creating delightful culinary experiences. As the day winds down, a light dinner accompanied by soothing instrumental music sets a tranquil atmosphere. To promote relaxation, comforting movies or reading aloud may take place before residents prepare for a restful night’s sleep. At Windrose, our carefully curated rhythm of the day is designed to provide comfort, engagement, and a sense of fulfillment for all. 


At Windrose, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of care through our customized and comprehensive staff training programs for our RNs, LPNs, and nurses’ aides. Our ThriveCare® training goes above and beyond the state-assisted living requirements, serving as the foundation of our exceptional care. Additionally, we collaborate with community experts and specialists across various healthcare fields to ensure our residents receive holistic and top-notch care.


Extensive research underscores the importance of a well-rounded approach to maintaining health, highlighting the crucial role of diet alongside appropriate activity and quality healthcare, especially for individuals experiencing memory loss. At Windrose, our compassionate dining program is an integral part of our comprehensive ThriveCare® system. We strive to create an inviting dining room ambiance that stimulates appetite and caters to those with limited dining abilities. Our emphasis on homemade meals, rather than processed alternatives, ensures a wholesome dining experience, featuring a thoughtfully balanced combination of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and proteins to maximize both enjoyment and well-being. While we prioritize minimizing sugar and fat content, we never compromise on the deliciousness of our culinary offerings!

This is an award-winning program we have adopted in partnership with the renowned Dr. Govind Bharwani. Windrose of Weymouth and Woburn are the only two communities in New England to offer this breakthrough therapy. Dr. Bharwani found a way to dramatically help people with Alzheimer’s disease to be less prone to becoming confused, agitated, and withdrawn. BBET has been clinically proven to reduce falls, behavioral medications and increase participation in activities. This therapy is personalized for each resident with the use of a library of over 100 videos and music CDs, senior friendly technology, family photos, and research based games to stimulate their brains.

We invite you to experience the ThriveCare® difference at Windrose of Woburn.